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When You Need Radiator Repairs Around Walker MI, Auto-Lab of Plainfield Can Help!

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At Auto-Lab Plainfield, we strive to deliver quality, professional, and trustworthy services at the fairest prices.i We know that you want value for your money and that is why we work hard to deliver that and more. We give you all costs upfront to avoid giving you surprise costs after the job is already done. This helps avoid giving you excessive expenses that are out of your budget. But with costs upfront, you can always go and come back when your pockets are ready.

Whether you want only one vehicle serviced or have a fleet of delivery vehicles, limos, taxis or trucks that need servicing, we can handle it all at an affordable price. For fleet services particularly, you will get great discounts on the auto service, maintenance and repairs. Plus, you get to enjoy our 12-month/12,000 mile parts and labor warranty. Schedule an appointment with us or contact our customer care to learn about our services and ask any questions you have regarding your vehicle service and repair.

About our shop:

  • We source clean products
  • We shred and recycle all tires
  • We recycle all oil products
  • We recycle all batteries and surplus metal
  • We capture and recycle all fluids
  • We reduce usage and recycle paper

We Specialize In All Forms Of Auto Repair:

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Let our certified technicians inspect, overhaul, or replace your brake system. Your brakes are one of the most important components in your car; don't risk the safety of your family by waiting until your brakes give out.
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Fast Oil Changes

An Auto-Lab full service oil change includes the weight and volume of oil required by the vehicle's manufacturer, a new oil filter, and a 33-point courtesy inspection.
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Whether it's a gasket replacement, a component malfunction, or a complete teardown of the engine, Auto-Lab has you covered. We can repair your engine from valve cover to oil pan.

Top Rated Radiator Repairs Around Walker MI

At Auto-Lab we pride ourselves on troubleshooting tricky repairs such as electrical issues. We can tell you if the problem is a faulty electrical switch, battery cable, or electrical connection. Once we identify the issue, we can work together to decide how best to resolve it.

We can diagnose, repair or replace your transmission. Auto-Lab partners with nationwide suppliers for parts and entire transmission assemblies.

Come see us for an A/C inspection or recharge - before the hottest day of the summer! Give us a call for an inspection of your cooling system.

Stop by for your radiator repair as well - our team specializes in getting your car up and running when your radiator decides to stop working.

Auto-Lab of Plainfield can help you with all your radiator repairs services and needs in Walker MI! If you're curious about how our location can repair your vehicle, schedule your appointment today and speak with one of our experts to get your car up and running quickly!